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    I offer a number of child, teen services for individuals and groups. I also work with parents on a one to one and in groups. Contact me to discuss what's right for you and your child.

    Children and Teen Counselling, CBT - Nettie Bowie CBT

    One to One Children & Teens Counselling & CBT Therapy

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps improve a child’s moods, anxiety and behaviour by examining unhelpful patterns of thinking.

    In one to one sessions the child learns that their thoughts cause feelings which can influence their behaviour or actions. Through talking therapy and activities they learn to catch their unhelpful thoughts and replace them with more helpful, positive ones’. One to One therapy is carried out over approximately 12 sessions. The first 6 sessions are block booked then moved to fortnightly sessions, finishing with monthly sessions.

    Mindfulness & CBT school workshops - Nettie Bowie CBT

    In School Workshops

    Mindfulness and CBT workshops in schools

    Moving On - A transitioning programme for 6th class students preparing for secondary school which includes a follow-on evening workshop for parents

    MindfulKidz – Mindfulness programme for 7 -11 year olds

    MindfulTeenz – Mindfulness programme for secondary schools


    Good mental health allows children to think more clearly, develop socially and learn new skills.

    These workshops help foster and promote self-confidence and self-esteem while building the child’s social and emotional intelligence – life skills that grow with children into their adult life.

    THINK GOOD FEEL GOOD – a mental health programme for primary school children from junior infants to 6th class. The programme is designed to help children understand their mental health and emotions and develop practical skills and strategies to manage their feelings which in turn increases their self-esteem. This is a 3 tier programme working with children during the day, teachers after school and parents in the evening.


    MOVING ON – The 'MOVING ON’ programme is aimed at young people in 6th class who are transitioning from primary to second level education. Moving from primary to secondary can be a difficult time for young people as they are going through changes emotionally, cognitively and physically alongside an educational transition which many feel apprehensive about. The 'MOVING ON' programme aims to facilitate children in discussing their worries or concerns and also encourages them to think positively about this progression, it is after all a milestone in their development and an important step towards becoming mature and independent young adults. This is a two tier programme - a full day in-class workshop for young people and a follow-on evening workshop with parents on the same evening.


    MINDFUL KIDZ - is an experiential mindfulness programme for 7 to 11 year olds. The lessons build up sequentially, introducing and exploring new facets of mindfulness with each lesson. As the course progresses children learn to focus on intention, attention and attitude while cultivating gratitude, learning to handle difficult thoughts and emotions, and finally developing kindness towards themselves and others.


    MINDFUL TEENZ - Being a teen can be really stressful - with exam pressures, relationship difficulties and life choices. Mindfulness is a powerful way to handle stress, and live life more fully. Mindful Teenz is a practical programme where teenagers learn the foundations of mindfulness and helpful mindfulness strategies to support them in times of distress or difficulty. It can be delivered over a full school day or in class time sessions over 6 weeks.

    Summer Camps and Development through play - Nettie Bowie CBT

    Seasonal Camps

    Development through play

    With a focus on building happy hearts and happy heads children develop positive self-esteem and increase their confidence levels and resilience. The activities the children participate in are designed to encourage creative thinking and problem solving. Camps are usually run over 5 days Mon-Fri. Morning camps are from 10am to 12.30 pm and afternoon camps from 2pm to 4.30pm.


    MINDFUL PLAY – A playful approach to developing attention, focus and identifying and regulating emotions. Through games and activities, kids are introduced to mindfulness breathing practices and techniques for developing focus, concentration, encouraging kindness and other skills.


    KIDZESTEEM - A fun based programme allowing kids to develop confidence building, self-esteem, self-discovery, listening skills, communication and team support through fun games and activities.


    FUN WITH FEELINGS - A fun based programme helping kids to learn all about emotions through fun activities inspired by the characters from the movie 'INSIDE - OUT'

    Parenting Workshops - Nettie Bowie, CBT

    Parenting Workshops

    Helpful workshops for parents

    Positive Parenting - Workshop for parents of 2-12 year olds

    Family Communications –Workshop for parents of teens and adolescents

    Supporting My Anxious Teen - Workshop to help parents understand their teens anxiety and learn some helpful ways to support them

    Anxiety In Kids - Workshop to help parents of younger children understand their child's anxieties and help them work through them





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    Growing up is a difficult time for many kids and young adults. My individual and group sessions are designed to help your child so they have the coping skills to be happy and well adjusted adults. Contact me to see how I can help. Phone 087 6994641 or email nettie@nettiebowiecbt.ie. Nettie


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