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    Children and Teen Counselling, CBT - Nettie Bowie CBT

    One to One Children & Teens Counselling & CBT Therapy

    Counselling & Psychotheray and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps improve a child’s moods, anxiety and behaviour by examining unhelpful patterns of thinking.

    In one to one sessions the child learns that their thoughts cause feelings which can influence their behaviour or actions. Through talking therapy and activities they learn to catch their unhelpful thoughts and replace them with more helpful, positive ones’. One to One therapy is carried out over approximately 12 sessions. The first 6 sessions are block booked then moved to fortnightly sessions, finishing with monthly sessions.

    Parenting Workshops - Nettie Bowie, CBT

    Parenting One-To-One Sessions

    and Online Workshops


    Positive Parenting - Online Workshop for parents of 2-12 year olds


    Family Communications –Online Workshop for parents of teens and adolescents


    Supporting My Anxious Teen - One to One Sessions or Online Workshop to help parents understand their teens anxiety and learn some helpful ways to support them


    Anxiety In Kids - One to One sessions or Online Workshop to help parents of younger children understand their child's anxieties and help them work through them





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    Growing up is a difficult time for many kids and young adults. My one-to-one therapy sessions are designed to help your child to have the coping skills to be happy and more confident in their day to day life . Contact me to see how I can help. Phone 087 3309994 or email info@northstartherapy.ie