Helping kids age 7 -11 learn valuable mindfulness and relaxation strategies to help them deal with strong emotions

    Mindful Kidz Workshop



    This fun and engaging workshop for kids age 7-11 years old illustrates the different aspects of mindfulness through activities and games


    Children's minds are used to racing around and jumping from thought to thought. Mindfulness can help train their minds to settle down and calm their thoughts and emotions, enabling them to make better choices and build healthier social relationships.


    Through mindfulness they learn to foster inner calmness, increased awareness and a sense of well-being. Mindfulness helps

    • Manage Strong Emotions
    • Develop Focus & Concentration
    • Self-Regulation
    • Promote good mental health




    Mindful Kidz & Parents

    One Day Workshop


    Helping kids age 7 -11 and their parents learn valuable mindfulness strategies together

    This interactive, engaging and practical workshop is suitable for beginner children and parents as well as complementary to those who are already familiar with mindfulness.


    The workshop includes an introduction to the themes of mindfulness, mindful activities and mindfulness meditation practices that children and parents can enjoy together in session and then continue to practice together at home.





  • “When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” L. R. Knost