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Updated Directive in relation to isolation during Covid-19

Following a directive from the National Public Health Emergency Team, An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, last evening, 27/03/2020, placed a mandatory order of stricter isolation measures to all members of the public. This means that until 12th April, no person should leave their home unless it is essential for them to do so. As this is a public health emergency directive, we are no longer seeing clients face-to-face in our therapy practice. We are however, offering alternative therapy communication via online platforms such as Skype and Zoom and also via Telephone. We hope this will offer an opportunity for those who may feel emotionally overwhelmed by aspects of the Coronavirus Covid-19, or any other distresses in your life, to continue to be supported through this incredibly difficult time in our lives.

For daily accurate and professional up to date information on Corona Virus Covid-19 please visit:

We continue to express our best wishes to you during this challenging time and hope that we can work together to alleviate some of your distress.