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    Taking Care of Your Mental and Emotional Well-being

    Through Counselling and CBT you can improve your mental, emotional, and physical self so that you feel better, are more effective and productive, and respond to yourself and others in a more healthy and positive way. It helps improve your self-esteem, confidence and energy so that you are more motivated to work towards reaching your personal goals.


    Counselling enables you to deal with issues that are causing distress in your life either from the past or the present. CBT focuses mainly on the present, helping you identify negative or faulty thinking patterns that are leading to unhelpful choices and helps you focus on making changes to improve your quality of life. Mindfulness Based CBT is a combined therapeutic intervention of CBT and Mindfulness that helps focus your awareness on the here and now, acknowledging your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. 


    Looking after your ‘whole self’ enables you to support yourself better on your journey of personal growth.


    Counselling offers you the opportunity to express your worries and problems in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space with a qualified, experienced counsellor.

    A skilled counsellor knows how to really listen and support you in your awareness and insight to your problems. Communicating your worries to someone else helps you gain clarity about your situation and helps you recognise where change may need to happen in order for you to gain a greater sense of balance in your life.



    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT] is one of the most highly recommended and respected talking therapies of the 21st century. It takes a solution focused, problem solving approach to dealing with difficulties in your life. CBT helps identify negative or faulty thinking which is creating difficulties and maintaining problems. Working collaboratively with an experienced therapist in identifying what the problem is, how you think and feel about the problem and how that impacts on your actions/behaviours, you can more easily come up with helpful strategies to support you in making healthier choices in moving forward with your life.  




    In recent years mindfulness has become more popular as a support to other therapy aproaches. Mindfulness Based CBT incorporates techniques of CBT combined with meditative mindfulness to help you let go of negative thinking and behaviour patterns. Through the mindfulness aspect of MBCT you become more aware of physical sensations and of thoughts and feelings as experiences rather than absolute truths. This insight helps you become less focused on and bothered by negative thoughts and allows you to notice much earlier on when you are becoming engulfed by overwhelming emotions. Essentially it is about becoming more aware of how you think and behave in order to help improve your life.

  • "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves". Viktor E Frankl


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